Reimagining Value
a major telco
Inspiring innovation capability by developing new products

The client knew they needed to adopt a new customer-centred approach, focusing on innovation propositions to maintain and grow its market share moving forward, instead of its current technology-centred approach focusing on product performance.

They wanted to create an initial proof of concept that clearly demonstrated our approach to customer-centred design and how we could deliver commercial and customer outcomes.

In order to gain customer insights quickly and effectively, we proposed a two-day Design Sprint-style workshop with key stakeholders and customers. The Design Sprint-style workshop was a rapidly iterative co-design ideation and synthesis experience.

Sprint teams created 60-70 ideas, arranged from incremental to game changing, then further synthesised them into two go-to-market concepts.

These go-to-market concepts were refined into rich visuals containing key user experience interactions and descriptions, data plans and prices. These visuals created “sticky” stories in short documents that could be easily shared internally.

The client left the experience energised and with innovative concepts directly related to customer needs uncovered during the workshop. These concepts contained the necessary information to begin implementation conversations internally right away.

Reimagining Value