we transform organisations

Uncertainty is business as usual
for today’s organisations

The constantly shifting business environment is forcing leaders to
question the very fundamentals of their business – who are their customers, what are their unmet and unknown needs, where is the market heading, and what are the implications for their business models.

All of this demands new ways of thinking. Traditionally business
has led with the left brain thinking skills of logic, analysis, and proof. These tools are too slow and static for the uncertainty of the modern world.

Organisations are struggling to
unlock new value & design new ways of working

Most organisations know they have to transform part or all of their
business to remain relevant, but they don’t have the toolkit to do it. They struggle to think outside the box, they are over managed, and they are buried in complexity. This makes them too slow, too siloed, and too internally focused.

The reality is that the bureaucracies of organisations are not
built for innovation and will naturally resist change.

our system of thought

New challenges  need new ways of

Traditionally, organisations have developed powerful ‘1st Road’ thinking capabilities that govern optimisation and performance.

The modern organisation needs a new thinking system that can govern innovation and manage the uncertainty in a complex, changing world.

This is what we have created with the ‘2nd Road thinking toolkit’.

our value

our co-design approach unlocks the collective intelligence needed to create new

We take organisations on a shared journey of discovery and invention. Our process not only creates breakthrough ideas, these ideas are
grounded in deep relevance to the entire organisation and the customer, not merely handed down from leadership.

our people

With diverse backgrounds from business and the arts, we come together around the strong belief that things could be other

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our thinking labs

Our offices operate as living ecosystems where strategic, creative and critical thinking can thrive and mature. 

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our history

Throughout our history we have adapted and evolved with our clients to build a unique and specialised practice around a philosophy of knowledge, learning, dialogue and design.

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We are a vision led organisation working with visionary clients. Our work doesn't just help organisations to be more efficient at what they already do; our work helps them transform into something new.


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We are actively looking for creative, agile thinkers with skills in the arts of design and dialogue to meet the growing global demand for our work.